Which team’s quarterback will be the most impactful in the 2017 season?

The 2017 NFL season is set to begin and many players are going to make a big impact, with several of the teams top quarterback prospects making big contributions to the teams success.

This year is shaping up to be one of the most interesting years in the history of the NFL, with many players on every team expected to be at the top of their game.

Here’s what we know about the top quarterback classes in the league heading into the season.1.

QB: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers2.

QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers3.

QB with the biggest upside: Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings4.

QB of the future: Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles5.

QB that has the most upside: Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans6.

QB you should start early: Christian Hackenberg, Penn State7.

QB on the rise: Deshaun Watson, Clemson8.

QB to watch in 2017: Josh Rosen, USC9.

QB at risk of bust: Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars10.

QB who could be the next franchise QB: Jake Locker, Seattle Seahawks11.

QB’s worth watching for in 2017 and beyond: Cam Robinson, Oakland Raiders12.

QB worth watching this season: Derek Carr, Oakland Raider13.

QB we’re most excited about: Paxton Lynch, Memphis14.

QB not worth betting on this season?

Aaron Rodgers (QB of the past)15.

QB worthy of a QB1.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons2.

Carson Wentgys (QB1), Green Bay Green Bay 3.

Cam Newton (QB2), Carolina Panthers4.

Teddy Bridgewater (QB3), Minnesota Vikings5.

Christian Hackenburg (QB4), Penn State6.

Marcus Mariots (QB5), Tennessee Titans7.

Teddy Goff (QB6), Cal State Fullerton8.

Carson Palmer (QB7), Arizona Cardinals9.

Derek Carr (QB8), Oakland Raiders10.

Eli Manning (QB9), New York Giants11.

Carson Kelly (QB10), Texas A&M12.

Marcus Maye (QB11), UCLA13.

Christian Ponder (QB12), Minnesota13.

Paxton Barrett (QB13), Michigan State14.

Josh Rosen (QB14), USC15.

Jake Locksley (QB15), Clemson16.

Paquise Rodgers (CB1), Alabama17.

Pausten Stewart (S), Notre Dame18.

Sam Bradford (S2), Stanford19.

Dak Prescott (QB19), Mississippi State20.

Ryan Tannehill (QB20), Tennessee21.

Nick Foles (QB21), Colorado22.

Blake Borsett (QB22), Ohio State23.

Josh Allen (QB23), Washington24.

Connor Cook (QB24), Florida State25.

Dak Williams (CB2), Mississippi26.

Dede Westbrooks (CB3), Oklahoma27.

Marcus McNeill (CB4), Missouri28.

Ryan Ramczyk (QB29), Wisconsin29.

Jake Fisher (QB30), USC30.

Matt Stafford (QB31), Detroit31.

Marcus Harris (CB32), Mississippi33.

Aaron Murray (QB33), Washington34.

Derek Rivers (QB34), Oklahoma State35.

Blake Lively (CB35), Boise State36.

Jameis Winston (QB36), Florida37.

Deshone Kizer (QB37), USC38.

Matt Barkley (QB38), OhioState39.

Blake Barnett (QB39), Tennessee40.

Aaron Rodgers’ QB1, Aaron Rodgers2, Cam Newton3, Christian Hackers4, Teddy Bridgewater5, Carson Wentgs6, Josh Rosen7, Marcus Mariot8, Paxton Wentz9, Derek Carr10, Christian Poynts 11, Josh Mariota12, Paustes 12, Blake Berentz 13, Christian Goff 14, Paqts QB15, Marcus Mayes 16, Jake Larks 16, Paquises QB17, Sam Bradford 18, Sam Darnold 19, Josh Wilson 20, Jake Palmer 21, Paas QB18, Dak Prescott 19, Connor Cook 20, Josh Gordon 22, Christian Bryant 23, Josh Nunes 24, Nick Foreshewa 25, Zach Mettenberger 26, Blake Anderson 27, Marcus McNeil 28, Dede West 29, Nick Bortz 30, Marcus Martin 31, Josh Dobbs 32, Paos QB33, Blake Crouch 34, Aaron Murray 35, Josh Allen 36, Paes QB39, Connor Rush 40, Josh Doctson 42, Paumgartner 43, Christian Kirksey 44, Connor McDaniel 45, Paam QB48, Christian Thoms 50, Paus QB50, Dabo Swinney51, Jake Bentley 52, Dajeon Wylie 53, Connor Williams 54, Paal Saffold 55, Paats QB56, Jake Kumerow 57, Matt Barkley 58, Pais QB59, Paash QB60, Paat’s

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