Lake Chelan camping: Lake Chelon to be closed to the public

A long-awaited ban on campfires in Lake Chellans camping grounds will come into effect on December 1.

The ban comes after a report by the Australian National University’s Sustainable Development Authority found camping in the Chelon National Park was not the most environmentally sustainable way to get the family’s family back together.

The decision to ban fires in the campgrounds comes as part of a major upgrade to the parks environment.

Key points:The changes come after the report found that campfires are not environmentally sustainable, and can damage wildlife habitat.

The new campfire ban will take effect from December 1, and will affect a number of areas in the park.

“There are still some areas that are in good condition and we want to ensure that the people in those areas get the opportunity to get back to the campground, so that they can do what they love, which is camping,” said Tim Loughton, Chief Executive of the Chelan Regional Council.

“The campsite ban is to provide an opportunity for the community to get out and have fun with their families.”

The Chelan Conservation and Development Agency said the ban would make camping safer for people and reduce the risk of fires.

“We will now have the ability to set up camp in designated areas to allow the people who have been displaced to return home safely,” Mr Loughtons said.

“Our goal is to keep people safe while enjoying the park and the campsite.”

He said the campfire bans would not affect park visitors.

“Campfires will still be allowed,” he said.”[But] we will also continue to maintain a fire ban in designated locations.”

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