Month: October 2021

Camping New Hampshire is just like the real thing

New Hampshire’s summer camps have a reputation for being expensive and packed full of a few random strangers.But with a new camp catering company coming to town, this is the first camp in the state to focus on providing guests with the comfort and support they deserve.The Camp Chef Woodwind has been operating in New […]

Why is it so hard to get your family out of camp?

In China, where camps are notorious for overcrowding and poor living conditions, people have little choice but to spend their weekends in them.For many of those in the camps, they have little time to make plans for the holidays, because they’re not allowed to leave until January.“I can’t leave until December,” said an elderly woman […]

NFL’s offseason training camp in Texas starts in two weeks

The first week of camp in the summer of 2018 is over and the first training camp of the 2018 NFL season is starting.The 2018 season begins in Texas with the first preseason game on Sunday, Sept. 1.The Houston Texans will begin their offseason training program on Thursday, Sept 5.The Texans will travel to Dallas […]

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