How to Get a Better Work/Life Balance: An Advice Book on Surviving College and the Workplace

By now, we all know how important it is to balance the work and family lives during college.

There are many reasons for that: family, work, and life-related commitments.

While there are plenty of books that can help you manage your work and life balance during college, one thing that is often overlooked is the fact that it can be a lot easier to focus on the college experience instead of the work, said Dean Fleischer, the co-founder of the popular startup startup Campfire.

In his new book, he outlines the ways to make college more fulfilling.

To learn more, check out Dean Fleisch’s tips below.


Don’t overcompensate with too many classes 2.

Don,t overcomplicate your schedules 3.

Keep your grades up 4.

Plan for more than just a few weeks 5.

Set realistic goals to keep your grades in check 6.

Get a degree 7.

Be smart about how you spend your time 8.

Donate more to a cause 9.

Learn to work more efficiently 10.

Have a healthy eating plan 11.

Focus on your learning 12.

Make time for social activities 13.

Get your work done 14.

Be mindful of the social media landscape 15.

Spend time in nature 16.

Be more social than work 17.

Donated time is a wonderful gift for your college experience 18.

Read the books mentioned in the book 19.

Donut, coffee, and ice cream can be good for you during the college semester.

But, if you have other priorities, try these tips: 1.

Get some exercise in the mornings 2.

Take some time to eat 3.

Take time to read 4.

Take breaks in between classes to unwind 5.

Watch a movie or TV show while you’re studying 6.

Play a game or sports if you like it 7.

Take a walk or exercise if you want to avoid a gym 8.

Get enough sleep 9.

Donating money to a charity will make a big difference 10.

Listen to the news, as long as you aren’t going to be watching it for the money.

Don Fleischer’s advice can help any college student get a better job and save a lot of money during college (and beyond).

For more tips on how to get a more fulfilling college experience, read this article.


Focus less on work and more on the life of the school.

When you are working hard on a project, you will be in a constant state of flux, Fleischer said.

If you are not doing your job properly, it could be detrimental to your career, he said.

The solution to this is to be more focused on the school experience and work on your personal life instead.

For example, instead of working on your thesis, Fleisher recommends taking the following classes: a) study abroad b) art and design c) photography d) philosophy and ethics e) meditation f) music theory g) physical therapy h) dance and dance-like exercise i) sports, such as swimming, rowing, and hockey j) swimming, skating, and water polo k) cooking, such that you don’t need to study the art of food preparation and preparation of meals.


Have an open mind about your future plans and goals.

You will learn to look for opportunities to make money during your college career, Fleisch said.

However, there is always a chance you might miss out on the opportunities.

“I think there are times when you should think about your career options and where you could go in order to get the best pay,” he said, adding that you can only have that thought during your school years.

If the opportunity comes along that you really like, Fleiser said, “just get it.”

“There is no point in wasting time on it if it is going to hurt your future,” Fleischer added.


Work from home.

In many cases, the biggest reason that you want a more relaxing life during college is because you don of want to be in the classroom.


you can still have fun and make friends while working from home, Fleische said.

“If you do the work from home more often, you can have a much more satisfying college experience,” he explained.


Do something you enjoy.

When we work from school, it feels good to be working, Fleiche said.

In fact, Fleice said it’s great that you work at home, as you get to work in a relaxed environment.


Fleischer advised that if you do not enjoy working from school at all, you should consider doing something else.

“You can go on an adventure or go out to a party or do something different,” he suggested.

“Do something you love to do.

Do a thing you enjoy.”


Know how to keep yourself busy.

If your work is important, you have to be willing to take time to get it done, Fleicht said.

And if you find yourself overwhelmed

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