How to be a rockstar without being a rock star

I’ve been doing rock shows for almost 30 years now, and my most memorable performance to date was in 1998 at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

I played on the bill with two of the biggest bands in the world.

We were up there with Bonnaroos’ biggest rock stars.

That was a special moment.

It’s hard to describe, but you’ll get the feeling that you’re being watched as you’re playing, watching the audience, and just seeing the magic that was going on.

You’re playing a song that’s been a staple in the rock & roll community for years, but when the audience comes in and they see you on stage, they’re like, “Wow, I never saw that before.”

And it was something that I never thought would happen.

But it did, and now I have my own rock & roller club in my backyard, where I’ve got my own staff and my own gear, my own stage, my stage set, my equipment, my gear set up, and I’m playing the songs that I’ve written and the songs I’m passionate about.

That’s the way I’m supposed to be.

And it’s not only a place for me to play, it’s a place where I can make money, too.

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