How much money do you have left in your car?

More than a third of people in the US have less than $5,000 saved for their next vehicle, according to a report released on Tuesday by the advocacy group AutoNation.

While most of the states in the country are relatively safe, the majority of people have less money in their pockets than the national median income of $58,858, according a survey conducted by AutoNation, which estimates that almost one in five Americans has less than that amount.

The survey found that 40.9 per cent of the respondents reported that they were “poor”, compared with 35.5 per cent in the general population.

AutoNation said that the survey’s findings showed that a majority of the American public has not yet reached a financial position to be able to afford a vehicle, but that there are people who are “still working to make ends meet”.

“We know that many people are struggling to make their financial dreams come true,” said Carla Sosniak, a spokesperson for AutoNation and co-founder of the nonprofit group, Land of Opportunity.

“The problem is that they don’t have the financial resources to buy a new vehicle or upgrade their current vehicle.

They have a vehicle that they are not willing to part with or maintain, and that they do not want to lose.”

In fact, we know that those who are still working to pay their bills on time are more likely to be among the least wealthy in the nation,” she said.

Auto-camping sites have been a growing business for many years in the United States, but the industry has been plagued by problems, including the failure of a popular online service called GoGo Camping to meet regulatory standards and lawsuits by people who have used it.

The company has also faced a series of legal battles and regulatory scrutiny, including a recent $1.9bn settlement with the Department of Transportation (DOT) for not paying customers who had to abandon a campground in California after it failed to meet safety standards.

AutoNav has also struggled to attract customers, and is not the only online vehicle-campground provider struggling to find a niche market.

In the United Kingdom, the National Auto Camping Federation (NACF), which represents more than 60 campsites, has said that it is not in the market for an online campground business.

It said it was “considering” options, such as a “mobile caravan park” model.

However, AutoNation said it believes that a mobile caravan park model is not a viable option for the industry, as it would require people to rent a car and pay for it, which could reduce the value of the property and could ultimately lead to the loss of the business.”

If we are to see any significant change in the industry or to the campsites market, we are going to need to create the infrastructure to create these campsites and make them viable,” Soskiak said.”

I think we’re going to have to do a lot of work to build up a vehicle-and-camp-camp business to be viable in this market.

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