A new Iowa campground opens up for the first time

Lake Powell, in western Iowa, is about a half-hour’s drive east of Des Moines.

But just a few years ago, the campground was one of the last of its kind in the United States, and it was abandoned for the last time in 2014.

The lake’s current owner, Lake Powel Regional Park, purchased the site from the state in 2012 for $30,000.

The park said in a statement that the land was designated for the preservation of the area’s unique wildlife, but that no wildlife has been found there since.

In a statement, park officials said the campgrounds, including the lake, were “an essential part of our ecosystem,” and that the state would work to protect them.

“We would like to thank everyone who has helped make this historic site a place for generations to come,” park spokesman David Johnson said in the statement.

“We will continue to work to preserve and protect this place for future generations.”

The park’s statement added that the site’s wildlife has never been found in the lake.

The Lake Powells, who call themselves the “Little Big Horns,” live in the state’s northeast, west and southeast, according to their website.

They have a large herd of bison and horses, but have not been spotted on the lake since 2013.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said it was working to preserve the camp site and is considering an appeal.

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