Why do we need hip camp?

This is the first of two articles from the Hip Camp blog, which features posts about what’s happening in the world of hip-hop culture.

The first article will cover the topic of hip camp.

Hip camp is a new type of music and art-form that combines the music of the ’70s with the art of the future.

The second article is a look at the latest trends in hip-hip art.

Hip-hop music and the hip-shoes are the two most talked about topics among young people, but what is hip-camp and why does it exist?

It’s a new genre of music that combines elements of hip hop and hip-slash, which are both popular in the UK.

The music was made by people who were in their twenties and early thirties and it was a genre of alternative music popular in Britain in the early to mid-90s.

It was a new kind of music, and it wasn’t necessarily hip hop.

It also didn’t have a very particular sound, but it was more than just the music.

You had a lot of different genres and subgenres and sub-genres.

There was a lot to choose from.

There were things that were very popular in that era, like the R&B sound and the pop and hip hop, and there were things like R&am and R&ad, which were alternative hip-Hop.

Hip hop, for example, has always been about getting a group of people together and just making music together, but in the ’90s hip hop started getting more popular.

Hip Hop culture has always had a bit of a different feel to it than a lot, or even some genres of music.

But hip hop is the music that is now really, really popular.

It’s been in pop music, it’s been pop music in film, it has a huge presence in television, it is the pop music that everyone has been listening to for years, and you get a lot more people into music now.

It is now in pop culture that the music is seen as having more power and more impact than ever before.

So, hip-hops became popular because they had a very different feel and were more powerful and more influential.

That is what is happening today.

There are so many different kinds of hip artists.

There is a lot that is very mainstream, like Lil Wayne, who is popular and very popular right now.

But there is also a lot from the underground, like Killer Mike and Young Thug.

It has always existed.

Hip hip has always meant a certain type of sound.

You have the Riddim, the Kurupt, the Skrillex, the Lil Wayne sound, and the KRS-One sound.

They all have their own style, their own sound, which is what hip hip is.

The hip hip scene is a big place and it’s a very, very diverse place.

You can’t really define it by one person.

There have been so many people doing it, but there are so, so many others doing it as well.

The reason why hip hip has been around for so long is because it is so unique.

Hip is not a style or a genre.

Hip Hip is a style.

Hip rap is not an art form.

Hip, in fact, is a term that people have used to describe this new type, hip hip, which has been popping up all over the world.

There has always, for people, been this idea that hip is a word, it sounds like hip, and this is what it is.

Hip has always stood for something different.

The word hip comes from the Latin word, hipa.

Hip means hip, hip, a person.

Hiphop is a kind of sound, it also comes from hip, meaning to go.

So it’s kind of the sound of hip.

Hip comes from being able to go out to clubs, to perform.

It comes from doing things, doing things to get people to like you and want to follow you, to get you to play your music, to show your confidence.

Hip culture has changed so much in the past decade or so.

There’s this whole world of culture where people are having fun, doing good, getting into trouble, and making money off of what they are doing.

There used to be people who did it for the money, and they were in a way, making a lot out of it.

But now, people are doing it for themselves and doing what they love, and that’s hip.

That’s the sound hip is making.

So hip hip came about because it’s about being able go out and make music, because there is a music that has been made and is really popular all over, so people can come to you and get into the club and perform.

Hip had always existed, but hip hip was different because it was the sound that was happening, and people wanted to hear that sound, to see what was happening.

They wanted to be able to

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