How to use this nifty app to track your dog’s location in real time!

This is a great app for tracking your dog.

If you have a dog that is always on your shoulder, this app is a perfect way to find him.

Here’s how to use it. 1.

Download the app and then click on “Find Your Dog”.


Choose your location.


On the right hand side, select “Home”.


Enter your location into the search box.


This will display the approximate location of your dog in the world.


You can then tap on the location and start tracking.


Tap on the icon to add it to your favorites.


Your dog’s approximate location is now displayed on the right side of the app.


If your dog doesn’t respond to your calls, simply tap the icon on the bottom of the screen to end the search.


After you finish tracking, your dog will have a map showing the approximate locations of your dogs in your neighborhood.


If there is an emergency, just click the red button in the top left corner.


You’ll be prompted to add your dog to the alert list.


You may need to log into your dogs phone to see your dog, as this app only displays your dog as a call center.


This app is free and you can purchase a subscription to continue tracking your dogs location. 

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