When the Fema Camped Out

FourFourThree  The National Park Service and the Flemish national park agency, Fema, have partnered to offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn more about the park and its history.

This weekend, the park service is hosting a free public education event called “The Fema Naturist Camp” at the Camp National, located at Nieuwbebe in the Flanders region of Belgium.

The event is being hosted by the Flesch-Kincaid Center for the Study of the Humanities and the University of Nijmegen, with additional guests including local educators, museum staff and students.

The Flemishes have long enjoyed a connection with the natural world and have been active in conserving and protecting its beauty.

The Flemishing National Park is home to over 2,500 species of wildlife, including the large black-tailed jackal, the endangered wild boar and the wild hog.

The campsite is located at the entrance to the Nieuwebe National Park, which is located about 40 kilometers south of Brussels.

The campground has been designated as a natural area for nature lovers, with many of the animals who have been visiting have been spotted by park visitors.

The campsite has also been used as a place for a variety of wildlife watching and other activities, including a nature show.

Fema is a part of the Flems Land, Nature and Environment (FLNVE) program, which offers more than $3 billion annually to help preserve the environment and enhance the lives of local communities.

It is also home to the largest fenberk van, which was constructed in 1875 to facilitate the transport of wood, coal and other materials.FEMA is partnering with the Felsch-Kaiserslautern Flemisch-Kommunikationsbureau (FKK), which has been working on the program since 2011. 

FEMA’s Flesches Camps program has been running in Belgium since the early 1990s and is the only camp in the park to have received federal support, which includes an annual funding stream that funds projects in the area. 

In 2015, Flemings National Park Authority awarded Fleschek a permanent grant of EUR 5 million to further develop the Foesch-Keinland-Wollefte area, and in 2018, the FDLF granted Fleschel the right to establish campsites and sites of interest in the parks. 

The campsites offer a variety, including workshops, guided nature walks, and outdoor educational programs. 

A tour of the campsite, including guided tours of the park, can be booked through the Folsch- Kaiserslafers Flemische Landen (FKKI), the national park authority in Flanders.

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