What’s in your camping gear?

The Florida Keys is a perfect spot for summer campers.

The beaches and sandy beaches are beautiful and have a large variety of campgrounds.

But the main attraction is the spectacular panoramic views from the water.

Here are some tips to get you started.


Make sure you have a good camping stove.

Campers are often surprised by how little they actually need to cook.

It’s possible to have one for camping in a campsite.

But you want to make sure it’s a good one.

Camping stoves are a great idea if you’re camping on a boat or in the car.

You can’t cook on the stove and cook for yourself.

But if you have one, get a fire and a propane torch.

They are the most effective and easiest way to cook a meal.

You’ll be surprised how quickly the food comes out of the pan.


Bring a bottle of water to drink.

Water can be hard to come by in the Florida Keys.

That’s why you need a water bottle.

It’ll give you a quick source of water for cooking and drinking.

Bring two bottles to campgrounds, a second bottle to camp in the backyard or a third bottle to the beach.

A gallon jug will last you for at least two days, so you’ll need to refill your water bottle about every three days.


Plan your camp trips well.

You should plan your trip to the beaches for a couple of weeks before you plan your stay in the resort.

You want to spend a few days camping at the beach, and then come back and camp again in a few weeks time.

You might decide to go to a popular resort, or to a campground close to your hotel.

The best part is you can save money by spending a few more days in the park.


If you want the best view, bring a tripod.

The panoramas are breathtaking and will let you see more of the Florida coast than you can with a standard tripod.

If your only option is a handheld camera, it can be a bit of a pain to find one.

So a tripod is a great way to take panoramics with you.

A tripod is the ideal tool for any vacation to the Florida Caribbean.


Bring along a picnic blanket.

There are many options for a picnic picnic blanket at a camp site.

The one we used was from the Hammock and Hammock Hammock brand.

The Hammock, the best choice for beach camping, has a variety of designs.

We had a Hammock Blanket with a nice mesh lining and a bungee cord.

The bungee cords made it easy to pull the blanket out of your backpack, and it was lightweight.

The hammock blanket comes in different colors and styles, and each is a nice touch.


Bring snacks.

If camping is your only activity, bring snacks to make your trip more fun.

A variety of snacks will help keep you going and will be a great addition to any meal.

Bring something with you to snack on when you’re not camping, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make meals while you’re out on the trail.


Bring water.

Campsites are usually very hot, so bring water for your water bottles, water for the campfire and water for hot drinks.

Make your campground a little cooler, or you’ll end up with a hot and humid night.

It is a good idea to bring water in bottles.

A small bottle of cold water is ideal.


Dress appropriately.

You may want to wear a hat and sunglasses.

You will have to be careful not to get wet and your feet will get wet.

Wear sturdy shoes.


Dress for the weather.

If the temperature is high, you’ll want to bring layers of clothing and light makeup.

If it’s cold, you may want layers of clothes and sunscreen.

If summer weather is around the corner, bring layers and light clothing.


Dress to keep your shoes warm.

The Florida sun can be extremely hot, but wearing shoes that are insulated will help prevent frostbite.

Keep them to a barefoot or at least with a heel.

The bottom of your shoes will keep you dry.


Wear layers and sunscreen, even in the hot summer sun.

Some people like to wear sunscreen at night.

But sunscreen should be applied only to the inside of your eyes, nose and mouth.

You do not want to be exposed to the sun, and wearing sunglasses or face masks while camping is not the best idea.


Don’t wear your sunglasses in the summer.

The sun’s rays are very harsh and can burn your eyes.

You shouldn’t wear sunglasses during the summer months.


Wear a hat if you want.

The hat is a must-have for summer.

Make it the centerpiece of your look.

It will give you the best angle of view.

Wear it with your sunglasses

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