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A former NFL player, a former U.S. ambassador and a former New Jersey governor will be on the shortlist to appear on the final two-hour season of the NBC Nightly News, sources told NBC News.

The show’s producers and writers will select the nominees, who will then be announced Thursday night, NBC News sources told the network.

In announcing the nominations, NBC Nighty’s executive producer of “Celebrity Apprentice” and former NBC News executive producer Joe Manduca said the nominations would be “a huge honor” for former President Donald Trump, who has said he is “absolutely” considering the role.

The announcement comes after Trump met with NBC’s president, Andrew Lack, and was later asked about the nomination.

Trump has also praised the show and has said his decision was “probably” based on the ratings.

“The only reason they gave me was because it’s a ratings show, and you know that, right?” he told reporters on March 12.

“But the ratings are what I was looking for.

I was very happy about it.

I liked it.

And I will tell you I am very, very proud of it.”

Trump has made several controversial statements about the NBC News and NBC Nightlives coverage, including that it is “fake news” and that it “fails to get” him.

The network has defended itself by saying that its reporters and correspondents are subject to stricter ethical and newsgathering standards.

The network’s ratings are down over the last few years, but the final ratings for the night before the presidential election are not expected to improve as a result.

NBC has said it is considering a plan to replace the “Today” show with a show with more liberal political perspectives.NBC News anchor Matt Lauer was also nominated to appear, NBC sources said, with Lack and Manduca both considering their nominations.

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