The Crystal Lake family is back in the Crystal Lake Campground

Crystal Lake, Florida – The Crystal Lakes family is coming back to Crystal Lake for summer camp.

 The Crystal Lakes Family is coming to Crystal Lakes for summer camps.

The family has been in Crystal Lake since 1977 and are now staying at the Crystal Lakes resort and resort family cottage.

It is the first family to come back to the resort after being here for a couple of decades.

Crystal Lake Resort Manager, Robbie Hensley, said it is great to see so many of our guests come back for the holidays.

I am glad to see all of our families coming back for our camp.

We have enjoyed this opportunity to welcome everyone back.

Robbie Hinsley, Crystal Lake Resort, said the Crystal lakes family is a family with a lot of memories.

“I think the biggest thing that has come from the resort over the years is the memories and we have a lot that people want to come and visit,” Hinsly said.

He said the resort has grown to be an event center and a destination for family vacationers.

The Crystal Lake resort is also planning on adding a mini golf course, water slides, beach volleyball, a golf course and a large amphitheater for kids.

“This is the place to be in the Sunshine State.

We can’t wait to see how people will respond to us coming back,” Hensly said, adding he wants Crystal Lake to be a family friendly resort.

Hinsley said the family will be hosting their first family camping trip since they moved to Crystal lake.

They have had the family vacation in the resort since 1977.

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