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Leer campers are among the homeless people who will be getting an official welcome from the state government next month.

The camper, a small but popular campground that opened this summer, is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves as a place for people to stay and camp.

Leer has had a rocky start to the new year as it has struggled to get the needed permits to stay open, with some camps refusing to take reservations and some landlords refusing to rent to campers.

This is a temporary measure until the state can get more permits to open, said Leer’s director, Kevin McClellan.

The camp has received about 2,000 reservations for the summer and about 4,000 in the first six months.

This number will rise to 4,500 and up, McClellan said.

The number of camps that are allowed to stay up until the end of July is limited.

The state requires campers to register with the Department of Public Health and the city of Berkeley.

In order to get a permit, campers will need to have been a resident of the Bay Area for at least three years and have a valid ID card.

In addition, they will need proof that they are not a drug user or a person with mental health problems.

Some landlords have refused to rent or have refused reservations.

For some, there are no other options for staying at Leer, McCrellan told KPIX 5.

Leers owner, David Accords, says he is optimistic.

“We have a lot of good people there and we have a good community here, and I’m really looking forward to welcoming everyone,” Accords said.

Accords is the only owner at Leers who has been accepted into the program.

The city of San Francisco has set up a hotline for people looking to book a space and McClelly said the city is working to ensure that everyone who has applied is welcomed.

For those who have been turned away, McCles office has set an online reservation page for anyone who wants to reserve a spot.

If someone does not show up, the city will give people a voucher for a place in the camp.

McClello said the goal is to get all campers at Leel’s out of their cars, and also to have them stay with their family and friends.

If there are problems with the camp, McC Lellans will be monitoring the situation to make sure that no one is hurt.

He said Leers residents are in good hands and are being treated fairly.

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