FourFour Two: Happy camperdenver, north coast camping

FourFourtwo’s Sam Loomis is the host of the popular series, Happy Camping.

He also wrote the original guide to camping in Oregon and Montana.

Sam Loomi is a retired Army Ranger and a former host of FourFour two, a show that covers all aspects of camping and camping gear.

We’ve written about Sam’s work before and asked him a few questions about the challenges and fun he enjoys on a daily basis.

Here’s a brief summary of what Sam had to say.

Hi Sam, thanks for taking time to chat with us today. 

What’s it like camping in the US?

I think it’s one of the easiest things in the world to get out and explore, you can literally just walk away from the campsite, because the weather is great, and there’s nothing to do but sit on the sand and have a good time.

You can have a nice fire, get a picnic and enjoy yourself, but you have to be prepared.

You don’t want to get a cold, because you’re in a cold climate, and the sun is always out.

What are the differences between the north coast and the west coast?

I’m a fan of camping on the coast.

There’s a lot of great weather all year round, it’s like a paradise.

The campsites are beautiful, the weather isn’t bad, it feels great.

There are plenty of options for outdoor recreation. 

How did you get into camp?

I started my trip in Oregon, which was my first camping trip.

I was camping at Camp Pabst when I saw the sign up for the North Coast Camping Guide, which said, “This is the north shore of Oregon.”

It was right across from a cabin I had been living in for a while, and that cabin was really nice.

So I just walked into the cabin, saw the name, and it just clicked.

I’m so glad I did because it was one of those things that was really, really cool, because it’s such a unique setting.

I started camping at the cabin for two weeks and it was really great.

I would wake up in the middle of the night, get dressed, and just relax and relax.

And I loved it. 

So I started camping in the east coast? 

I started campin Portland.

That was my second camp there.

I really loved the weather.

It was so beautiful.

And the campsites were really nice, the view was fantastic, and you can just enjoy the sun. 

I’ve noticed the south coast is becoming a little more crowded with camping? 

Yeah, I think the south side of Oregon is getting crowded.

I think that’s been kind of a trend.

I don’t know why, I’ve been a little bit more focused on the north side.

Do you have a favorite spot?

Portland is really nice for me.

It’s so close to my home base, and I love the mountains.

I love camping on trails, and also the coastline.

I like the ocean.

I’ve always liked to go on a cruise. 

Are you interested in other campsites? 

Oh yeah, absolutely.

I just got into the South Coast camping guide and I’ve just started reading more about it.

I’d love to stay on the east side and stay in Portland, but I’d also love to go back north and stay at a cabin in Montana.

That’s really cool.

I have my own cabin that I’m staying in, so I’m going to try and get my feet wet there. 

Do you want to go camping in Alaska? 

No, not really.

I want to stay with friends.

I can’t do it all. 

Thanks so much for the time.

Sam’s Camp PABst Cabin. 

Sam Lompis. 

Photo: Sam Lompi for FourFour You can also find him on Twitter: @samloomi Follow him on Facebook and Instagram: samlompi

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