‘Downtown’ is getting a big push from the film industry

Camp Camp Camp is back with a new trailer, but the film’s creator, Robert Downey Jr., says it’s not the first time the genre has come under fire for being too politically sensitive.

Downey told reporters at Comic-Con that Camp Camp was born out of the frustrations of being a young black man in America in the 1980s.

But now that the country is on the cusp of electing its first black president, Camp has become an icon in its own right, with a slew of films and TV shows coming out to celebrate the moment.

Camp has also gotten its share of controversy in the past, with Downey and co-writer Brian De Palma arguing that it made the world “more violent and more racist” in the 1960s.

But for all the controversy, Downey said that the film is actually a celebration of black people.

“We’re just saying, ‘Hey, look at the world and see what’s going on, look how bad things are and then, if you’re an American, go out and make a film,'” he said.

“We just want you to make a movie that makes you feel good about yourself and that makes the world a better place.”

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