When you are a fan of ‘Big Brother’ – but you are not a ‘buddy’

It is hard to imagine anyone who loves the television show Big Brother getting more flack than this fan.

But for all the flack, Big Brother fans can have a hard time understanding why some of their favourite characters were banished.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Big Brother:1.

Rafi, the former housemate who left, left, and won’t return to the game, is back for a second season.

But Rafi has a very different view of the game than the other Big Brother contestants.

He says he has no regrets about his decision to leave the game and now he is a regular on the show.2.

‘I’m a realist’ is the motto Big Brother contestant Jamiy Paskin adopted from her childhood.

She says she will always be ‘a realist’, despite not being able to go on the game.

She is a member of the BB house and will still be voting on the final round.3.

When BB started, there was only one housemate left from each season.

That is now seven houses.

The other housemates are currently going through their own trials to determine who will be on the next season.4.

The show was filmed in Australia, but most of the cast and crew are based in New Zealand.

This is partly because New Zealand has more votes than the UK and because it has less competition for housemates.5.

There is only one winner for each house.

The winning housemates will be paired up with the other housemate.

This means that there is no ‘buddies’ in the game anymore.6.

The Big Brother house is known for its ‘mixed house’.

While many housemates have similar personalities, some don’t, meaning they are unlikely to work together on the same person.7.

The housemates get more votes when they have a ‘team’ of two people who share their personality.

This creates the perception that they are more like a single family.8.

The final round of the show is the final chance for houseguests to be on TV, but they can’t vote.

The ‘buds’ and ‘bunnies’ on each house vote together in the final four.9.

The season premiere was broadcast live on the BBC in November 2017.

The following week, the show was broadcast on TV.

The first two episodes were watched by nearly 1.2 billion viewers, and over two million people watched the final three episodes.10.

There are a total of 20 seasons of the programme.

The BBC said in 2017 that it had aired a total 3.8 billion episodes.

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