How to Save $10,000 on a Camping Trip in Wisconsin

Here are some tips to make the most of your $10K camping reservation in Wisconsin. 

For the best camping experience, consider a few of the tips below.1.

If you can afford it: If you’re a college student, a student with a student ID or an individual who doesn’t have a driver’s license, consider buying a camping reservation at least a month in advance. 

This will allow you to be sure that the space you reserve is not too small for you and the other guests. 

You can also consider purchasing an RV or camper trailer rental for $300-$400 per night.2.

Choose your camping spot: For a good camp site, look at the following sites:• Wauwatosa Lake State Park, in Wauwatos Lake, Wisconsin.

The lake is only a short drive from downtown Milwaukee and is well-suited for a campground.• Sandy Creek Campground, on the west side of Sandy Creek Lake, in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, approximately two hours south of Wauwats Lake. 


 If you are not able to make a reservation, you can use the state parks reservations website or call the state park office for a quote.2 and 3. 

If you don’t want to go camping at all but would like to see if you can reserve a spot for a weekend or longer, call the Waukegan park office and ask for the name of the park where you would like your camp site. 

WCAW is your local park and it is open during regular business hours.4. 

When you call the park office, ask for a reservation number.

The name of your camp will be on the line, but it will be for a minimum of 24 hours.

If the camp is a minimum stay camp, it will not be charged for the next 24 hours and will be available for use for 24 hours after you call.5. 

The name and address on the reservation is the same as on your camping reservation, and it will show up on your credit card bill for up to 48 hours after your reservation.6. 

Make sure your name and contact information are correct and that you’re not a visitor to the state.7. 

Once you call, you will be given a number to call back with if you need to make additional reservations.8. 

A park staff member will verify the name and number of your reservation, give you directions to your camping location, and check the reservation to make sure it is correct.9. 

Your reservation will be canceled 30 minutes after you are ready to make your first trip. 

Call back and request another reservation.10. 

Upon completion of your camping trip, the park staff will contact you via email and email will be sent to your credit cards.11. 

Park staff will mail your camp deposit back to you, and the campground will be closed.

If your campsite is not occupied, you’ll be issued a citation for trespassing. 

Check with the WCAW campground site office for the latest information.12. 

Camping permits are valid for two people. 

It is illegal to camp in a designated parking area without permission. 

Please visit the WCC website for more information.13. 

Payments are due by credit card within 24 hours of your arrival at your campground location. 

Calls are not accepted during this time. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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